You wrote songs you dig and think everyone else will too.  You recorded the songs with your band, or hired studio cats to lay them down with you.  You're ready to release them into the world and get your love.  But first, you must make sure your songs sound GREAT!  That they can compete in the massive music market.  How?  Get them mixed by someone who knows how to do it!  

That would be Jabo Bihlman.

The image conveyed, the sound and vibe of the music, the power.  

It's in the mix. 

Jabo will mix your song or record to make it sound just as good as anything you hear on the radio.  Make your music pop and grab people's attention! Make your vision come to big, beautiful life!  

Fill out the form below and let's discuss how Jabo can bring your musical vision to vibrant, beautiful life!